Five Simple Ways to Prevent Summer Pests


1 November 2017

In September we came to the end of our Pest Prevalence series where we covered various pests that often bug us during certain seasons. Not far off the mark this month we give you a few tips on how you can prevent summer pests so you can focus on enjoying this generally joyous season.

Keep the Office Kitchen Clean


Shared spaces can be a nightmare if not managed correctly, and one of the dirtiest places can be the kitchen. Something as small as a droplet of salad dressing on the floor can be like gold to roaches, flies and other summer pests. Ensuring that your staff follows basic kitchen hygiene rules to keep your kitchen clean is the first step. The next steps would be ensuring that you’re using good-quality products like our hygienic wipes to keep your surfaces clean, storing food in closed containers, keeping hand sanitisers nearby and emptying the kitchen bin as regularly as possible.

Keeping the Air Cool – Some Bugs May Flea


Fleas thrive in warm weather. Their easiest targets are pets and often pet parents too and it may be hard to know when one has brought these jumpy pests along with them to the office. Fleas can transmit diseases, leave itchy bites and can be hard to control as they breed quickly. Make sure that your office floors are vacuumed regularly and when storing the vacuum cleaner away, that it is cleared of any stored dirt and keep the air cool at all times as fleas in warm environments.

Still Waters? A Deep Problem


While having an office by the lake or a man-made pond may sound amazing, standing water, especially in warm weather may cause so many problems for your office space. This attracts mosquitoes who lay their eggs in the standing water and within no time, you have a problem. Inspect your office and make sure that there are no leaking pipes or water trapped in the gutters. Also, make sure that your windows are kept closed at all time and that the air conditioner is switched on instead.

Create Your Own Traps


Prevention is better than having to find expensive solutions to an uncontrollable infestation. We have compiled a list of prevention tips that you can make use of at your office for various insects, have a read here. Alternatively, you could create your own insect traps like the following among a few:

  • Funnel Fly Trap – Folded paper placed in a jar with a sweet substance
  • Spider Traps – Honey or double-sided tape on paper
  • Sugar and vinegar in a bottle – Mixing these two can trap a variety of insects

Pest Control Services


There are two instances where you may need a Pest Control Service for your business; when there is a prevalent infestation already or as a preventative measure. If you have not seen any bugs making the rounds to join in on the water cooler chit-chat, we suggest the latter. If your office space is already a pest zone we recommend our Integrated Pest Management solution. This solution includes but is not limited to internal and external inspection of the site, ongoing maintenance as well as monthly monitoring of the infestation.

Get in touch with us for any pest and hygiene-related queries for your business in the following ways:

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