How Poor Hygiene Affects Productivity


5 December 2017

Personal hygiene must be taken seriously as this is a measure of a person’s way of life. The same goes for the workplace, this has many benefits on the productivity front. We will be exploring effects to avoid as well as some the solutions that Steiner provides.

Poor Hygiene Gives a Bad First Impression

Hiring new staff might be a bigger challenge if your office is dirty and unhygienic. It makes a bad first impression as it is a reflection of what your company stands for as well. If good hygiene is not valued, then no potential client or staff will want to be associated with your company.

Poor Hygiene Spreads Illnesses

Murky, unkept offices increase the chances of staff getting sick and passing on the illnesses to others, this may lead to absenteeism. This may cost the business money as you may need to find a replacement while your staff is off-sick or work will be lagging behind until they get back.

Staff Will be Nauseated


If there is a staff member with bad body odour or one that wears too much cologne there is bound to be some negative reaction from staff. When cologne is worn for long periods, people may lose the ability to recognise its smell resulting in them not being able to tell how heavy the scent is when worn. The same goes for bad body odour. These staff members should be approached by management or fellow staff members, in a cordial and professional manner to address the issue. Policies that encourage personal hygiene, for example, staff could be asked to keep self-care products on hand at all times, should be put in place.

May Rouse Office Gossip

If the workspace is an unhygienic state, staff may start talking among themselves about the condition that the office is in. This could range from discussing whoever it is that is supposed to manage its condition. Gossip generally spreads an air of negativity in any setting, so this will affect staff morale and ultimately their productivity.



A light, bright and clean office is significantly good for business. Your employees are happier, enthusiastic about their work and their concentration levels are higher. Stock up on high-quality hygiene products to make sure your office is always in a hygienic condition.

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