Keeping Hot-Desking Offices Hygienic


1 November 2017

In September we observed World Environmental Health Day and this year the theme was ‘’Indoor & Outdoor Air quality”. We had a look at the effects of bad air quality, shared tips and solutions to this rampant but often ignored environmental issue. This month we take a look the hot-desking system, its perks and pitfalls and we also explore solutions so that your employees stay healthy and in good shape in order for them to perform at their optimum. Many offices opt for hot-desking to cut costs and maximise floor space.

The Perks of Hot-Desking


Hot-desking is allocating desks to employees on a rotation basis, meaning the desk does not belong to just one employee. This concept is great for office spaces with large numbers of employees that work different shifts. It also promotes interdepartmental communication which can then boost morale and promote collaboration. Hot-desking allows your employees the option to choose where they sit, and for those that love variety, this can set the tone for their productivity for the duration of their shift. Another great perk is that, chances of finding clutter on the desk is minimal as employees would need to clear after themselves when their shift ends.

The Pitfalls of Hot-Desking


Hot-desking may cause your employees to fight over desks that are positioned in better spots within the office which may negatively affect morale. Passwords may potentially be forgotten and exposure to germs may make some people sick.

Create a Sanitisation Station


Set a table or desk close to the workstations, arm it with wet wipes, paper towels, and sanitisers so your employees can start by sanitizing their hands and workspace before and after they work. Keep a bin next to this station that should be emptied regularly, maybe at the start and middle of each shift.

Choose the Right Desk


The right type of desk used in a hot-desking office is very important to keeping your space hygienic. A desk with a lot of drawers is certainly not a good idea, this is due to the fact that one employee may forget something in the drawers, likely food, which could morph into something hazardous to your health if left unattended for long periods. The ideal desk would be free of any drawers and would have a small bin (that is emptied regularly) stationed right next to it, eliminating any chances of such incidents.

Clean Office Equipment Routinely


Office equipment like keyboards, calculators and phone keypads hide a lot of germs which can be detrimental to your employees’ health. We had covered common office bacteria in this post.

The keyboards can be held upside down, shaken and wiped with a damp cloth, the same can be done with the mouse, screens, calculators, and handsets. Stock up on cleaning supplies to make sure your cleaning staff never runs out.


A well-thought-out office strategy can make hot-desking work for everyone as long as there are policies put in place to remind everyone to adhere to the basic hygiene rules. These can be placed on notice boards on each desk.

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Keeping Hot-Desking Offices Hygienic

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